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Fall 2013, issue II

NewsletterBannerAmsterdam686x101We are already halfway through the semester, last week students were studying for their exams or they were taking off for travels around Europe! Popular cities this weekend were Rome, Paris, Budapest, and Stockholm. At the University of Amsterdam the Fall semester is split up into two blocks, so last week we finished the first. Time is flying by!

With all these beautiful cities in Europe, we are lucky that Amsterdam is the favorite and students have come to see it as their home now. Cycling along the canals like a true Amsterdammer and ringing away every tourist on their path. Eating bread for breakfast with the most Dutch topping Hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles). Being able to pronounce their address and the other canals Prinsengracht, Herengracht, Keizersgracht.

Midterm meetings

With all students we have had a short midterm meeting to discuss academics, housing and their life here in Amsterdam. Overall students are very happy with the courses they have chosen and their Dutch agenda. Besides their studies, they are exploring their interests all over the city. Joining painting courses, playing for the Amsterdam ice hockey team, or exploring the European capital cities.


Amongst other NGOs, companies and policymakers, CIEE is a sponsor of the film project Girl Rising. All over the world CIEE Study Centers were organizing movie nights to screen Girl Rising in light of the International Day of the Girl. Together with our colleagues, students and friends we saw the film at a movie theater right around the corner from the CIEE office.

Girl Rising tells the stories of 9 girls from 9 countries, written by 9 celebrated writers and narrated by 9 renowned actresses. I think everyone was inspired by the girls and their stories and went home with a greater awareness on the difficult subject of education for girls. Girl rising

Other than that, we travelled back in time in Amsterdam. We went into the 17th century to discover the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC) and the Golden Age of the Netherlands. You can read more about this daytrip in a student’s story on this blog:

Interest groups

CIEE Amsterdam offers students a range of interest groups, from which students can pick and choose activities and excursions of their interest. During the past month, our Sports group did a Dutch version of a boot camp in the park. The Multicultural group went on a tour through Chinatown in Amsterdam, and they learned all about the origins of the Chinatown, which is situated in the middle of the city center. The good food tour of the Culinary group was so popular that we had to arrange it twice; they went to taste traditional foods from surrounding neighborhoods of Amsterdam. The News & media group went to the EYE, one of Amsterdam’s latest architectural prides, it’s both a film museum and movie theater in one. The Queer group did a Homosexuality in the Animal Kingdom Tour through the zoo! And finally, the Education group is a volunteering project in which students teach English to kids from elementary schools. The other day, the students taught a class about writing songs and Hollywood, and our students had the kids write their own songs. One group even did an English rap, using the words they learned.

The final news letter for the Fall semester will be posted on this blog by late December.


Cato van Hees
Business and Culture Program Coordinator


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