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Overnight trip to Groningen ‘Er gaat niks boven Groningen’!

Farms, cows, potatoes, dikes and many many fields; welcome to the province of Groningen! The home of farmers and … me! Growing up in a small town I used to play in the fields, built castles with hay bales and searched for old cutlery in our back garden. A peaceful youth which I could share with all our students on this overnight trip! Early Saturday morning we left Amsterdam for a bus ride of 2 ½ hours to the city of Groningen. Once we arrived in Groningen, me and my two colleagues each gave a personal tour of the inner-city as we all have our own special bond with Groningen. Of course not to miss was a visit to the famous Groninger museum with a special exhibition of 37 Chinese artists on the current sociological, environmental, legal, and political climate in today’s China. After a glorious dinner (quote “this was the best dinner I have ever had”), students ventured out into the city, to explore a place where about one fourth of the population are students.

Exploring or not, the following morning we became one with a dike, Dutch wind and nothingness. “This is like a fairytale”! Well, let me tell you, it needs some imagination to find the fairytale, but then again I was reminded of endless bike rides to high school fighting against rough weather conditions. But it’s fair to say that the surroundings of Het Hogeland are absolutely beautiful. And what makes a Sunday morning more attractive than visiting a farm with fresh air to breath and eating their local products?!


We kept the day very local, had lunch at a floating boat, visited an old mansion and even showed my home village with our beautiful church tower and leaning willow.

Group picture - 1

I think it’s indeed fair to say that niks boven Groningen gaat (nothing beats Groningen). But perhaps I’m a little biased in my own Grunninger fairytale.




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Great article. Thank you.

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