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VANMOOF commuter bicycles - company visit

“We like bikes and we like you and the rest of the world to ride bikes and like them too, VANMOOF.”  

The best way to learn about another culture is to get an insider’s view, so that’s what we did last Friday when we went to VANMOOF – commuter bicycles. We wanted to learn something about Dutch Business Culture. The visit gave us an idea of creative Dutch entrepreneurship and the success stemming from the use of innovative marketing and technology. And of course, we couldn’t go more Dutch than a bicycle company!

VANMOOF is a famous Dutch bicycle producer and seller, but their bikes are not only up and coming in the Netherlands. In their mission to change the traditional means of inner city transport in cities worldwide, VANMOOF is on its way to reach annual sales of 30,000 bikes sold in countries like the United States, Russia, Japan and many more.

Vanmoof home

So, the owners of VANMOOF thought if we want to make cycling attractive all over the world, the one thing we need is an attractive bicycle. So they started asking around in the world, what do you like and what do you not like about a bicycle? The excessive accessories were definitely something that had to go! But they also asked for advice from many other industries, for example when they asked PHILIPS to produce the headlights, which they designed similarly to the headlights of a car. Why? So that even in cities where you don’t have a bike lane yet, you can still cycle safely.

So now they had a good product and an innovative character, which both really helped them with their success. There is another thing they have, which is a huge buzz around them. So many bloggers, companies, and journalists were so impressed by VANMOOF’s style and product that they had to be part of it. Either they were (and still are) writing amazing stories about it or they wanted to start a partnership with VANMOOF! Niels was actually straight-forward about that, “I guess when you have a really good product, made with love, the marketing kind of expands on its own.”VintaframeImage

The company visit took a bit longer than planned because Niels was so enthusiastic in telling the VANMOOF story. However, at the end luckily there was still time to try their latest bike, the E-bike! A bike suited with a GPS and technology that adjusts the bike to your speed. So if you wanted to go fast, the bike would accommodate that! Allan on the bike

All in all, we learned a lot from Niels about VANMOOF’s creativity, their courage, and their strong belief in their product to put cycling on the world map. 


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