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It’s already the last week of the Fall semester. Students are stepping in and out of the office this week and are sad to say goodbye to Amsterdam, where they met so many new friends and biked around the canals discovering local spots! It seems like it was just yesterday when students arrived here!

But at the moment students are either rounding off their final exams and handing in their papers, or enjoying their last days in Amsterdam like tourists, which includes strolling around the city and buying souvenirs for their families.

Semester wrap-up

Last week on Thursday we had our Final CIEE Meeting & Dinner. During the meeting we rounded off the academics, activities, and interest groups. It was a great semester for us in Amsterdam, we had 14 enthusiastic Business & Culture students in the program.  They were all motivated about their courses at the UvA ranging from “International Money and Banking” to “Cultural Industries” to “Dutch Language”. But they also grasped every chance to participate in some of the CIEE activities.  CIEE Farewell dinner

A few highlights are the overnight trip to Groningen in the north of the Netherlands, a company visit to VANMOOF bicycles, and a historical daytrip to Eindhoven and Den Bosch. Also in Amsterdam we had a lot of interest group activities on our list: teaching English at local elementary schools, visiting the Eye film museum with News & Media, the screening of Girl Rising, a multicultural tour of the Bijlmer, culinary Dutch cheese tasting, ice skating with the sports group, travelling back into the Golden Age on a daytrip, Thanksgiving, Sinterklaas, and many more!

Spring 2014 around the corner

With the Spring semester just around the corner, we are already busy preparing the orientation, our two new CIEE courses, and Summer 2014.

With our growing Business & Culture program in mind, we developed a new CIEE course about the Dutch Business Culture. Even though a small country, the Netherlands are a major player in business. Through the course students have the opportunity to learn more about the Dutch economy, political system and business values than what meets the eye, leading to a deeper understanding of Dutch business practices today and in the past.

Another course we are very excited about is Beginning Dutch. The Beginning Dutch course is for students traveling to the Netherlands with little or no prior knowledge of the Dutch language.

We have also started working on our Summer 2014 programs. This year we offer a wide variety of summer programs (including the Dutch Business Culture program) starting at various dates, short-term and long-term, for more information please have a look at our website:

We hope your students had a wonderful semester abroad in Amsterdam and we’re looking forward to meeting the new group in Spring 2014. For more information about what your students we’re up to this semester, please have a look around this blog:

We wish you happy holidays from Amsterdam,

Jonathan, Caroline, Annabel, Renée, Cato

Group photo fall 2013


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